Our Mission

The International Healthcare Research Center was created to gather and disseminate data that will help improve the quality and safety of healthcare delivery across borders, while providing stakeholders with a better understanding of the opportunities, challenges and obstacles inherent in global healthcare. It is our firm belief that researching healthcare issues with local populations and understanding health, wellness and population health management can positively affect the health and wellbeing of individuals.


As part of our mission, the International Healthcare Research Center strives to:

  • Collaborate with leading academics globally to provide meaningful medical tourism research and to maintain a broad-based medical tourism research agenda
  • Improve the quality of healthcare received by international patients and their ability to access care globally through research
  • Better understand the decision-making process and experience of international patients
  • Analyze the global economic impact of healthcare on countries and cities.
  • Provide best practices in health policy, performance and population health management
  • Make its reports and data available publicly to effect positive change globally
  • Ensure the relevance and integrity of IHRC sponsored research.
  • Promote communication and collaborative relationships between departments and schools involved in medical tourism and international healthcare research.

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