The Origin of the Idea

The difficulties facing healthcare systems across the globe have made accessing quality and timely healthcare a challenge for millions of people. Citizens of many underdeveloped nations have little or no access to quality healthcare services due to deficient healthcare infrastructure and a lack of trained medical professionals. In some first-world countries, patients may have difficulty accessing healthcare services because of high costs, no insurance coverage or due to long waiting times.

The International Healthcare Research Center was created to gather global healthcare data that would provide actionable insights to stakeholders around the globe, including traveling patients, governments, insurance carriers, healthcare and hospitality providers. Our research helps stakeholders to understand the challenges facing healthcare consumers and thereby address issues related to healthcare delivery and access.

Medical tourism offers an opportunity for patients to access treatments and medications that are unavailable in their own countries. Millions of people travel each year from the developed countries to developing countries for treatments. Medical costs can be reduced by at least 50% through medical tourism. Our research work and surveys continually monitor global health trends in different countries, highlighting deficiencies that need to be addressed in order to affect positive change. Ultimately, it helps patients make well-informed choices about the various medical providers in different parts of the world.