Medical Tourism Index

Medical tourism continues to make headlines as more and more patients from around the world travel outside their home countries for medical care. Despite medical tourism’s growing market size and the increasing number of nations and regions promoting and branding themselves as medical travel destinations, there is little data on reliable numbers or the use of statistically sound measurement to quantify and qualify this phenomenon.

The Medical Tourism Index (MTI) is a new type of country-based performance measure to assess the attractiveness of a country as a medical tourist destination.

The development of the MTI was a multi‐year, multi-steps and multi-stakeholder approach. IHRC followed a rigorous 8 step methodological, statistical and index construction procedure to develop this psychometric sound measurement. The MTI is a multi-dimensional construct consisting of three main dimensions (country, industry and medical facility and personal) with 34 underlying indicators. It is the first index helping countries, public policymakers, healthcare and tourism industry, place marketers and underlying organizations and people to have an assessment of their place as a medical tourism destination.

The MTI is the worldwide reference point on the attractiveness of countries as medical tourism destinations, rating and analyzing the state of a country as a medical tourism destination, how it is positioned and should be positioned to increase the prosperity of its population. The report, published for the first time in September of 2015, considers 30 countries and compared 25 of them on the basis of 34 criteria. It is based on opinion survey. In order to add value, there is a ‘data tool’ section where users are able to compare our MTI values to a series of secondary data such as population, GDP per capita, Global Competitiveness Index, Consumer Expenditure on Hospital Services just to name a few.

Some examples of the data available on MTI can be viewed below by clicking on the images:

MTI Index 2016

MTI is considered an invaluable research tool for benchmarking performance of countries as medical tourism destinations. The MTI helps the various stakeholders such as:

Governments: To benchmark and identifying strategies and policies to improve the country’s medical tourism industry. Determine investment decisions, positioning, infrastructure investments and overall country efforts in medical tourism related aspects.

Healthcare providers and insurance carriers: Identify most attractive destinations by different consumer segments.

Travel industry: Understand the current positioning of countries as medical tourism destination by various customer segments. Helps to identify the most suitable countries as medical tourism destinations. To provide valuable information to airlines, hotels, travel agents of which are the most important medical tourism destinations in order to support medical tourism by adapting their products and services to capture part of the value chain.

Hospitals: Help them to position their hospital in a current country environment and focus on their shortcomings.

Academics: Professors and students can use our data to analyze the complex mechanism of medical tourism.

The Medical Tourism Index can be accessed at:

MTI Index 2015