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  • Medical Tourism: Push and pull factors

    People from across the globe and all walks of life are turning to medical tourism (also known as global health) to satisfy their healthcare needs. There are several main factors driving medical tourism. These can be divided into “push” and “pull” factors that are particular to the country of residence of the medical tourist, in […]

  • International hospitals overlook a key criterion used by medical travelers to choose and/or recommend their services

    For medical travelers, there are many factors that come into play when choosing an international healthcare provider for their treatment. Quality, potential savings, quick access and the availability of a particular procedure are at the top of most people’s list. Additional factors may include proximity, familiarity with the language and culture and safety at the […]

  • The Role of Hotels in Global Healthcare

    As more and more patients cross borders to access healthcare services it is becoming increasingly important for hotels and other hospitality providers to understand their role in the patient’s medical tourism continuum of care.  In many countries it is common for patients to be interned a day or two at the hospital for the surgical […]

  • Why are self-insured companies turning to medical tourism?

    A self-funded employer is a company that directly assumes the costs of its employee’s medical care instead of paying insurance premiums to an insurance carrier. In most cases the employer will design a plan that is similar to that offered by traditional insurance carriers that includes deductibles, co pays and exclusions. According to recent survey […]